Poppy: ‘Robots are going to take over the world’

  • 10 Oct, 2018

    "Surrender to them before it's too late"

    Poppy has discussed how her latest single ‘Time Is Up’ arose from her fears around how “robots are going to take over the world”.

    Watch our ‘Song Stories’ video interview with Poppy above

    “Diplo brought his dance beats,” she said. “I wanted to work with Diplo for a long time. I know I released my first album with him but, for this one, he was a big part of it. He’s a very nice guy and hard worker.”

    Of the two songs she did with Grimes, she added: “One song is about destroying things, and the other song is about power. That’s all I can say.”

    Poppy releases ‘Am I A Girl’ on October 31.

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