Lindsey Buckingham reveals why he was told he was fired from Fleetwood Mac

  • 10 Oct, 2018

    He has a different account than the one offered previously by Stevie Nicks

    Lindsey Buckingham has given his account of why he was fired from Fleetwood Mac for the first time.

    The guitarist was sacked from the iconic group days after the band were honoured at this year’s MusiCares benefit concert in New York. Stevie Nicks later cited Buckingham wanting too much time off to concentrate on his solo work as the reason for his being kicked out of the band.

    “I don’t think there was ever anything that was just cause to be fired,” he said. “We have all done things that were not constructive. All of us have worn on each other’s psyches at times. That’s the history of the group.”

    Last month, Fleetwood Mac debuted their new line-up post-Buckingham’s departure on The Ellen Show. Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House frontman Neil Finn have since joined the band.

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